Getting Started with Vivia

Create a New Project

To initiate a new project with Vivia, follow these simple steps using npm:

$ npm create vivia
$ npm install

This will set up the basic structure of your Vivia project, including the essential components like source, templates, and data.

Preview & Hot-Reload Writing

During the development phase, utilize Vivia's powerful preview and hot-reload features to streamline your writing process. Execute the following command to start the development server:

$ npm run serve

This command launches a local server, allowing you to preview your changes in real-time. Experience the convenience of hot-reloading, ensuring that your content updates are immediately reflected as you write.

Generate Your Website

Once you are satisfied with your content and ready to publish your website, use the following command to generate the final output:

$ npm run build

This command triggers the build process, compiling your source code, processing data, and generating the static files for your website. The output will be ready to be deployed to your hosting platform of choice.

With these simple commands, you can effortlessly create, preview, and generate your static website using Vivia. Explore the flexibility and efficiency of this static site generator to bring your projects to life.