Vivia, a streamlined and efficient static website generator, stands out with its simplicity and speed, focusing on essential components such as source, templates, and data.

Core Principles

Minimalistic Approach: Vivia adheres to simplicity by encapsulating only the fundamental components required for website generation, ensuring a lightweight and fast workflow.

Plugin Pipeline

Extensive Plugin Support: Harness the power of plugins through a flexible pipeline. Define rendering and prerendering processes in the configuration, allowing each plugin to exert control over the final output. This includes versatile operations like seamlessly adding watermarks to images.

Natural Output

Reflective Source Structure: Vivia offers a natural and intuitive output where the website's final structure mirrors that of the source. This design choice enhances transparency and eases navigation within the project.

Theme Inheritance

Simplified Configuration: Embrace the convenience of theme inheritance, eliminating the need for intricate configurations. With Vivia, inheriting a theme is a straightforward process, freeing you from the burden of writing complex setup instructions.

Unleash the full potential of your creativity with Vivia, the static website generator that empowers you to build stunning websites effortlessly.

Explore Minimalistic Freedom

Embrace the power of simplicity. Vivia's minimalistic approach allows you to focus on your content and ideas without getting bogged down by unnecessary complexities.

Extend with Plugins

Plug into endless possibilities! With our versatile plugin pipeline, you can enhance your website by incorporating unique features and functionalities. Define rendering and prerendering processes to customize the output exactly as you envision.

Seamless Theme Inheritance

Simplify your workflow with theme inheritance. No need for convoluted configurations—just inherit the theme directly and let your creativity flow. Focus on design and content, and let Vivia handle the rest.

Effortless Image Processing

Enhance your visuals effortlessly. Vivia's efficient image processing capabilities enable you to add watermarks and polish your images, ensuring a professional and captivating presentation.

User-Friendly Interface

Get started with ease. Vivia's user-friendly interface offers intuitive commands, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced developers. Unleash your creativity without any learning curve.